search_significance+cover Here is a list of all the posts related to the Fall 2015 study of The Search for Significance by Robert McGee.

If you missed doing the study live or need to catch up on a few weeks, I’ve listed all the posts here for you. Along with a short thought, each post has a Focus Verse, Application, and Reading Schedule.

Grab a few friends to join you or read it alone, either way I know you’ll learn a lot. This study is a great one for learning how to overcome Satan’s lies and practically apply God’s truths.

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The Study

Chapter 1: Fighting Satan’s Lies with God’s Truths

Chapter 2: The Battle

Chapter 3: How to Let God of Failure and Find Freedom in Christ

Chapter 4: How to Find Freedom from the Performance Trap

Chapter 5: Approval Addiction

Chapter 6: Giving up Our Approval Addiction

Chapter 7: How to Overcome the Blame Game

Chapter 8: How to Let Go of the Fear of God’s Wrath

Chapter 9: How to Overcome Shame

Chapter 10: How God’s Spirit Helps Us Overcome

Chapter 11: How I’m Following the Holy Spirit 

Chapter 12: Where Guilt Comes From

Chapter 13: How to Identify False Beliefs

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