Here you’ll find a list of resources and books just for Moms! We’ve pick our favorites from ones we have used and loved in hopes that they will help and encourage you, too. We’ll continue adding to this list so be sure to check back. And know that any purchases made through the affiliate links found here will help support OverACup with no extra cost to you!


Busy Mom's Guide to Bible Study

by Lisa Whelchel

This book is great if you’re new to Bible study or need some new ideas to dig deep into God’s Word. Lisa walks you through 20 different Bible study methods over the course of three months that can take as little as 15 min a day. At the beginning, she walks with you and by the last month you’re applying the methods yourself. I really love all the fresh ideas this book gives to help you walk with God daily.

The Busy Mom's Guide to Prayer

This book gives you a good guide to follow if you’d like to learn how to pray scripture. It has each day broken down into several different topics with scripture inspirations. You can pray the prayer Lisa has written or even add your own. No matter how much time you have for prayer, this book can adapt. If you would like a book that help you to pray more specific prayers, check this book out!

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Busy Mom's Bible

What really stood out to me about this Bible is it’s 52 devotions. They are divided up into 1, 5, and 10 minute sections, so no matter how much time you have, you can get into God’s word. I really like how there is very little “man” and a lot of God in these devotions. If you’re in the market for a Bible right now, I would definitely check this one out.

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God's Little Devotional Book for Women

This book is another one of my favorite short devotional books. Each devotion has a quote, a verse, and a short story to get you thinking about the verse’s application. Even when I feel like I have no time for quite time in the mornings, I find I can sit down with this book for 2-5 min and still have something to consider throughout my day. If you’re just starting making daily quiet time a priority or find yourself in a season where you don’t have much time, this book can help.

This resource is linked to the post: Friday Favs: God’s Little Devotional Book for Women

If you’re needing encouragement to put down your devices and build better relationships with your family, you’ll find it here. Through her own story of “rush, rush, rush,” Rachel teaches us all how to slow down and make family a priority.

Hope Weary Mom

I love the book Hope for the Weary Mom! It is about God meeting you in your mess and helping you find hope in your days. The strategy they give for finding hope in the book, has really helped me to find hope in the midst of my own messes. They also have a five day study challenge for you. Each day you’ll receive a short email in your inbox encouraging you to seek hope in the mess of motherhood.

At Home with Sally and Friends Podcast

Have you ever felt like you needed a mentor to come alongside you and help guide you along the way? To speak words of hope and healing from further down the road? If so, you’ll want to subscribe to Sally Clarkson’s Podcast At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends. Sally Clarkson is the co-founder of The Whole Hearted Mother Conferences. She has been doing these and others for many years. She’s also written several books like The Mom Walk, and The Life Giving Home, which I’m still trying to find the time to read. Oops! However, if you’re like me and have no time to read but still desperately need encouragement on a regular basis… (Read more)