Daily Quiet Time: Philippians, Week 4

Hi Readers,

This is our last week in Philippians. I hope you have been blessed by this study like I have. See you back here next Monday as we begin our study of 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes.

Have a great week!


Philippians, Week 4

Monday, July 2nd-Overview Day

What thoughts and ideas jump out at you? Why? Consider sharing these with us on Facebook.

Tuesday, July 3rd-“Exhortation, Encouragement, and Prayer” Part 1

What anxieties are you holding on to today that you need to bring to God will thanksgiving?

Wednesday, July 4th-“Exhortation, Encouragement, and Prayer” Part 2

Do you have any thoughts that are taking up residence in your mind that you need to replace? What pure thoughts could you focus on replacing them with?

Thursday, July 5th-“God’s Provision” Part 1

What situation in your life can you turn over to God and allow him to strengthen you through?

Friday, July 6th-“God’s Provision” Part 2

Here Paul speaks of the blessing the Philippian’s gift was to him. Are there any missionaries or people who have been “Father’s in the Faith” to you that you could bless today? Maybe not with money (though, I’m sure that’s always helpful) but with encouragement, too?

Saturday, July 7th-Recap


As you reread Philippians, notice Paul’s focus on heaven. It seems to pour from him. So often in our daily lives we forget it is our ultimate goal. How can you remind yourself today to keep you focus heavenward daily?

Sunday, July 8th—Break Time!

Don’t forget our new study on 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emilie Barnes begins on Monday, July 9th!

Daily Quiet Time: Philippians, Week 3

Hi Readers!

We’re now beginning week three. How are you doing so far? Are you finding time to spend with God each day?


This week’s chapter is all about perspective. I’m praying you find time each day to spend with God and hear His words to you this week.

God Bless,


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Week 3 ~ Philippians

Monday, June 25th-Overview Day

Philippians 3

  • What thoughts and ideas jump out at you? Why? Consider sharing them with us on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 26th-“Righteouness Through Faith in Christ,” Part 1

Philippians 3:1-6

  • Where does your confidence for salvation lie?
  • How might you be placing confidence in the flesh by your actions or mental check lists? Prayed—check. Sunday morning worship—check. Read my Bible—check.

Wednesday, June 27th-“Righteousness Through Faith in Christ,” Part 2

Philippians 3:7-11

  • Where does Paul’s confidence lie?
  • How does this confidence effect the way he lives? (You may need to consider his travels in Acts.)

Thursday, June 28th-“Straining Toward the Goal,” Part 1

Philippians 3:12-16

  • What is Paul’s goal in life?
  • What in your life are you not forgetting and leaving behind that may be hindering you from whole heartedly pursuing Christ? (Think the Rich Young Ruler in Mark 10:17-31)

Friday, June 29th-“Strining Toward the Goal,” Part 2

Philippians 2:17-21

  • Here Paul emphasizes the importance of an eternal perspective vs. an earthly perspective. How might you work to keep your eyes and heart focused heavenward today?


Weekend—Break Time!

Daily Quiet Time- Philippians, Week 2

Hi readers!

I’m so excited about how the first week is going. You all are doing a great job sharing your thoughts on the readings each day. If you haven’t joined in the conversation on Facebook yet, please feel free to do so. Like I said before, everyone’s thoughts are welcome. What God’s Spirit reveals to you about a particular reading, may be different from what He shows me. I have really been blessed to hear what God is showing you so far, so please continue to share!

You may find it beneficial to look at the readings in several different versions this week. Lately, I am gaining a lot more insight into the Bible by reading how different versions translate particular verses. If you don’t have a stack of Bibles, don’t worry! You have access to many FREE versions at Crosswalk.com or Biblestudytools.com, or on the YouVersion app. You can find my reviews of them here and here, and direct links to them here (Crosswalk.com), here (Biblestudytools.com), and here (YouVersion).


I pray that God opens your eyes to see and ears to hear what He wants to teach you through our study of Philippians. Your presence here is no accident.

So grab your coffee and join us for week two of Philippians…

God bless. Have a great week!


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Philippians ~ Week 2

Monday, June 18th- Overview Day

Philippians 2
  • What thoughts and ideas jump out at you? Why? Consider sharing them with us on Facebook.

Tuesday, June 19th-“Christ’s Example of Humility”

Philippians 2:1-10
  • What do you think Paul means when he writes that we are to be of the “same” or “one” mind in verse two?
  • How does his example of Christ’s mindset affect your reading of verse two?

Wednesday, June 20th-“Lights in the World,” Part 1

Philippians 2:12-13 (If you can, try to read these verses in several translations. You can find digital ones at Biblestudytools.com and on the YouVersion App.)
  • What do you think Paul means by the phrase “work out your salvation with fear and trembling” (v. 12, ESV)? What leads you to that conclusion?

Thursday, June 21st- “Lights in the World,” Part 2

Philippians 2:14-18
  • What do you think Paul means when he says, “hold fast to the word of life” (v.16, ESV)?
  • How can you “hold fast to the word of life” today?

Friday, June 22nd-“Timothy and Epaphroditus”

Philippians 2:19-30
  • How did/are Timothy and Epaphroditus serving Paul and the Christian brothers?
  • What can you learn from their examples? How can you put what you learned in to practice this week?

Weekend—Break Time!

  • Saturday- Psalms 3 or Prov. 2:1-15
  • Sunday – Psalms 4 or Prov. 2:16-22

Daily Quiet Time: Philippians, Week 1

I’m so glad you’ve decided to join us for this study! It looks like we have a great group participating. 

A few guidelines before we begin:

  • Everyone’s ideas are welcome! You are always welcome to participate in the study and watch the conversation online. But please feel free to jump in and share your own insights, too.
  • We have a very diverse group here, so we want to always treat each others ideas with love and respect. Please treat others like you would like to be treated.
  • We’re here to encourage each other and hold each other accountable. I’ll have little coffee breaks on Facebook along the way to see how you’re doing. I promise to be truthful, and hope that you’ll participate and let us know how you’re doing as well.

So excited to begin with you today! Grab your favorite coffee (or tea) and join in.

Have a great week!


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Philippians ~ Week 1

Monday, June 11th–Laying the foundation

Philippians 1:1-2, 12-14 and Acts 16:11-40
  • Who is Paul writing to?
  • What happened while he was with them in Philippi?
  • Where is Paul now?
  • How does he address them?

Tuesday, June 12th– Getting Started

Philippians 1
  • What thoughts and idea jump out at you from this reading? Why? Consider sharing them with us on Facebook.

Wednesday, June 13th–“Thanksgiving and Prayer”

Philippians 1:3-11
  • In verses 6, what is God doing? In verse 11, where does thefruit come from? What can we learn from these actions?
  • What might be the difference between love that abounds with“knowledge and all discernment” (v. 9-10) and that which does not?

Thursday, June 14th-“The Advance of the Gospel”

Philippians 1:12-18a
  • Why do you think the brothers were bolder to preach thegospel since Paul was imprisoned (v.14)?
  • What can you learn from Paul’s attitude in verses 15-18? Howmight you apply that lesson today?

Friday, June 15th-“To Live Is Christ”

Philippians 1:18b-30
  • What do you think Paul means when he says “stand firm in onespirit, with one mind striving side by side…” (v. 26, ESV)?

Weekend-Break Time!

I like to break from my regular study on the weekends. Take a break however you like, or here are some suggestions:
  • Saturday- Psalms 1 or Proverbs 1:1-19
  • Sunday- Psalms 2 or Proverbs 1:20-33

Daily Quiet Time: Joining Together Continued…

Hi readers!


I’m excited so many of you are interested in studying together online! We’re coming together to study from across the country and around the world. How cool is that?!

Since we are so spread out, we’re going to adjust for it, so here’s the plan. We’re going to begin with a study on Philippians next Monday, June 11th. Each Monday I’ll post the Monday-Friday readings for the week with some questions to think about and to get the conversation going.

Throughout the week please feel free to post on Overacup.org’s Facebook page (linked on the right) any thoughts you have on the reading and responses to the questions. The goal is to start an ongoing conversation online.

I’ll also start a conversation each week for prayer requests. Overacup.org’s Facebook page is public, so I understand that it might be a little harder to share more personal requests. If there is something you want prayers for but don’t want to share publicly, please feel free to email them (tlcole@overacup.org) or Facebook message me, and I’ll be sure to pray for you throughout the week.

After our study of Philippians, which will take about 4 weeks, we’ll begin our study with 15 Minutes Alone with God by Emily Barnes. You can get physical copies at your local bookstore or Amazon and ebook copies through Kindle and iBooks. We’re doing this book second because we have ladies in our group in Rwanda (Yeah!), and I want to get books to them so they can participate, too. I’m going to be working on this over the next several weeks, so if you have ideas or would like to help please let me know.

In preparation for beginning Philippians next week, you may want to read Acts 16:11-40. These verses tell of Paul’s trip to Philippi and his experience while there.

I can’t wait to being studying with you next week. Please continue to pass this on to your friends who might be interested, too.

God Bless,