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How to Fight Fear

  Hi Friends, What are you afraid of? Today, if you were to make a list of your top fears what would they be? Mine would look like this: Husband’s upcoming trips for work Projects at work piling up Children’s health in this crazy flu season Family relationships Finances I bet if you were to list your fears they might be similar. Some days these fears just hover in the.. Read More

When You Need Some Mommy Encouragement

Good morning! Have you ever felt like you needed a mentor to come alongside you and help guide you along the way? To speak words of hope and healing from further down the road? If so, you’ll want to subscribe to Sally Clarkson’s Podcast At Home with Sally Clarkson and Friends. Sally Clarkson is the co-founder of The Whole Hearted Mother Conferences. She has been doing these and others for.. Read More

When You Feel Hopeless

Good morning friends, If there’s one thing I could sit down with you and whisper over you right now it’s, “God’s got this!” It doesn’t matter if “this” is stress from work, school, relationships, sickness… God is there with you in the mess, and he can make something beautiful from it. How do I know? Because I’ve seen him do it over and over again in my life. One of.. Read More

3 Great Book Ideas for Christmas

Hi Friends, If your family is full of bibliophiles like mine (A few Christmases ago my family gave over 20 books to each other as gifts!), or if you’re struggling to come up with a great idea this Christmas season, there are three newly released books I’ve just got to tell you about! The first book, Goodbye, Regret, launched this summer. It is a labor of love from my friend Doris Swift.. Read More

New Format and Renewed Commitment

Good morning friends, Maybe you’ve noticed I’ve struggled for words lately. After starting my job as an instructor for Oklahoma State University in January, I came to the fast conclusion I can’t do it all. Surprised? I thought not. Thank you so much for your patience while I figure out how to balance work, home life, and writing! I love writing and sharing with you all, but it’s taking much.. Read More

God’s Story ~ Some Encouragement for Your Week

This month I’ve rounded up some of our most popular God Stories from the past four years to share with you. These are stories from women who have been in your shoes, stood where you are, and have seen God show up in their lives. They aren’t endowed with superior strength, but like you, they serve a God who is. These are His stories… “When I Started Listening” by Kristi Dye:.. Read More

Our Future Bible Study Plans: Verse by Verse

You’ve probably noticed that since I took a full-time teaching job in January things here have slowed down. And they have. I’ve spent the last 6 months getting my feet under me and figuring out what life looks like being a wife and mother while also working full time. As many of you know, it’s not for the feint of heart! You simply can’t do it all. And I don’t… Read More

God’s Story ~ Kristin Weis with The Demand Project

  Last Fall I sat down with Kristin Weis, one of the founders of The Demand Project. She explained that The Demand Project is an organization located in Tulsa, OK, whose mission is, “Fighting to eradicate sex trafficking and the sexual exploitation of children.” They do this through four areas: Prevention, Prosecution, Rescue, and Restoration. As we talked, she shared her and her husband, Jason’s, God Story of how The.. Read More

How to be FREE from the Stay-at-home vs. Working Mom Guilt

 Image Credit: Chicagonow.com What if we could be free from the guilt we feel about working or being a stay-at-home mom? Recently, I changed from being a stay-at-home to a working mom. The funny thing is while I was a stay-at-home mom, I felt so guilty for “just” being a mom. For not making any “real” contributions to the family. Now I knew that wasn’t true, but it was the.. Read More